Jaime Parlade, Marques de Apezteguia, started his career collaborating with Duarte Pinto Coelho in the furnishing of the Hotel Guadalmina in 1958, which gave way to the idea of having an antique shop named La Tartana. The first Tartana was in a basement, close to the church “La Encarnacion”, the main church of Marbella. It not only became the social centre of Marbella, but it was from there that most of the interior decorating jobs were done. This was during those glorious early years of Marbella and all of the best jobs were undertaken by Jaime Parladé.

There were villas and houses for families of the nobility and important people who made up the social and intellectual life of Marbella and the coast, mostly in the Marbella Club, Guadalmina and Sotogrande.

Jaime Parlade’s works varied from the famous Menchu’s Bar to the Moorish Caprice of the Duchess of Alba, not to mention the charming Santa Margarita of the Baron Guy and Ma-Helene de Rothschild. From there he was contracted to fit all the apartments en Guadalmina Baja as well as the first bungalows by the Golf Hotel in Sotogrande and the refurbishing of the Hotel Los Monteros.

When all this was done, he had a moments rest, only to start again in collaboration with Duarte Pinto Coelho, crafting the design of the famous Hotel La Fonda in the centre of Marbella. La Fonda was the great success of the 60′s and kept him busy for a number of years.

After this Parladé expanded his influence and began working abroad. Some of his better known works were undertaken for: Lord Jacob Rothschild in Corfu, Baroness Ma-Helene de Rothschild in Marrakesh, Julio Iglesias in Miami, Count Maximilian Bismarck in Hamburg, Chalets in Gstaad for the March and Abello’s, Harras in Deauville and a country home for Diana Ross in Connecticut.

In recent years his prestige has taken him away from the Costa del Sol, concentrating on jobs in Madrid along with country estates in Seville, Ciudad Real, Toledo, Cuenca and Mallorca.

Parladé is a great lover of gardens, and he often collaborates with well known landscape gardeners, such as Christopher Masson and Peter Bourgignon. He has, of course, also worked in collaboration with many well known architects through the years. In Marbella principally with Cesar Leyva, Antonio Martin and Eduardo Dorissa, and in Madrid first with the famous English architect Philip Jebb and now he works exclusively with Jebb’s successor, Richard Lincoln.

The remarkable outstanding quality of Parladé is his mixing of styles; it can be grand, classic, or even modern, but always aiming to achieve a lived-in atmosphere, shabby chic is what he really likes. But what overrules all else is quality and comfort, while aiming to impress an immediate sense of style and warmth. To him, quality has no price nor should price ever be discussed with an artist, while he insists that mutual trust between client and the decorator is essential.

Perhaps his favourite jobs are country houses, or even refurbishing old ruined ones, and he resists the more impersonal jobs like discos, restaurants or offices.

“In the work of Jaime Parladé there are not any norms, only good taste and intuition.”