It all started in 1958 with the inauguration of the antique shop La Tartana, in a basement close to the main Marbella church “La Encarnacion”. From that day on it has survived various different premises. We are now on shop number IV which has a history of being the most classic, refined, eccentric and exiting local in the Costa del Sol. It was run for a number of years by the popular Menchu Escobar when it became the social centre of those days. From there, Parlade started with his first designing projects. To quote Jaime himself: “In La Tartana you will find objects and pieces of furniture that I myself would like to live with or to use in interior decoration jobs that I am offered”.

There are antique pieces of furniture that are not “haut epoque” or grand, but are simply decorative or have a certain eccentricity. There is old pottery, Spanish plates and jugs on which he is especially keen. There are textiles, hangings, rugs, oriental carpets with an ethnic tendency, and wooden furniture hand-crafted by a very gifted local artisan. Apart from all this there are objects that Jaime collects and likes, such as paintings, lamps, embroideries and more. It all makes for quite an attractive ensemble, especially for someone tempted by unusual and beautiful things.